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Our expert team prepares impeccable traditional and international dishes, guaranteed to satisfy all guest preferences. Dalmatian cuisine owns its popularity to freshness and simplicity, gifts of virgin nature and locals who cherish tradition.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast or nutritious light bite; prepared with only the freshest ingredients, or simply relax with a cup of coffee.

Experience our superb domestic cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant.



Fresh Oysters 

fresh, breaded on the grill, lemon sauce, Chili orange 


Carpaccio Brass Mango

vegetable tartare, red pepper, lemon, mango 


Adriatic Shrimp and Avocado Tartar 

   cream cheese mousse and toasted walnuts, brandy, aceto balsamico 

18,58 € 

Sea Rapsody 

octopus, salted anchovies, Adriatic prawns, capers from Brac, marinated anchovies

14,60 €   

Meat Carpaccio with Premium Truffles

  Grana Padano, black truffles, aceto balsamico

14,60 €

Fisherman’s Story

for two people / Paški cheese, Žigljen cheese, cheese with truffles, Dalmatian prosciutto, octopus salad, Adriatic white fish pate, marinated anchovies, salted anchovies, Brač oranges marmalade, fig jam, olives

34,51 € 

Dalmatian prosciutto / 100gr

10,62 €

Premium Selection of Croatian Cheese / 150gr

Pag cheese, Žigljen cheese, Brač oranges marmalade, fig jams 

21,24 €




Coctail Rocco

pea cream, Adriatic prawns, Dalmatian prosciutto, basil, toasted bread

11,95 €

Saint Jacques on Assparagus creme

white asparagus, nutmeg, bourbon

17,25 €

Shells “à la Buzara”

lacquers, breams, mussels, vongoles, capelins

22,56 €



Sea Urchin Cream Soup
12,61 €

Oyster Soup
11,95 €

Cream Soup “à la Rocco”
5,97 €


Fussels and Endive Risotto

11,95 €

Sea Urchin Risotto

sea ​​urchin roe, vegetables, dalmatian spices

18,58 €

Homemade Pasta with Shitake Mushrooms

11,95 €

Istrian Homemade Pasta “Pljukanci” with Truffles

15,93 €

Gratin Homemade Gnocchi with Truffles

parmesan, truffles, spicy cheeses

14,60 €

Shrimps Risotto / “Black” Risotto

14,60 €

Homemade Pasta With Adriatic Shrimps And Vegetables

13,27 €



Sea Course by Rocco “Teća”

shrimps, capesantes, vongole, mussels, homemade pasta, tomato sauce, Dalmatian spices

25,22 €

The Heart of the Adriatic

sea ​​bass fillet, octopus, cuttlefish with polenta, Adriatic shrimp, monkfish, rice

25,22 €

Bass in “Kapatoj”

white fish fillet, julienne vegetables, lemon, garlic, anchovies

23,89 €

Gratin White Fish Fillets with Almonds

pea cream, parmesan and truffle cream

25,22 €

Grilled Octopus

Split’s special sauce, salted potatoes

23,89 €

Monkfish “à la Brudet”

Grilled beefsteak, Parisian potatoes, mushroom sauce, zucchini

25,22 €

Grilled Squid / 400gr

21,24 €

Grilled Shrimps / Shrimps “à la Buzara Rossa” / 400gr

22,56 €

Grilled Lobster / Lobster “à la Brudet” / 1kg

126,09 €

1st Class Fish / 1kg

59,73 €



Premium Meat Sellection by Rocco

steak, rump steak, beef rib – Black Angus short rib, lollipop chicken, rustic potatoes,
julienned vegetables

23,89 €

Chicago Black Angus Premium / 300g Steak

julienne vegetables, rustic potatoes, seasoned butter

38,49 €

Rib Eye Steak Premium / 300g

julienne vegetables, rustic potatoes, seasoned butter, puree with truffles

35,44 €

Grilled Beefsteak / 250gr

rustic potatoes, julienne vegetables, seasoned butter

23,20 €

Ladies Steak Biftek Premium / 150gr

puree with truffles, Demi Glace

22,70 €

Lambs Frenched Rack on Celery Cream

Brussels sprouts with almonds and pancetta, rustic potatoes

31,85 €

Marinated Beef Ribs / Short Rib / Black Angus Premium

rustic potatoes, julienne vegetables, sweet chili

23,89 €

Grilled Chicken Fillet

French Fries

 10,62 €

Children’s Choice

Chicken Lollipop, French Fries

10,62 €




Zucchini And Hokaido Pumpkin Carpaccio

Sesame, Pine Nuts, Tofu, Pomegranate, Aceto Balsamico

11,95 €

Shitake Mushroom And Granny Smith Apple Risotto

15,26 €

Blue Pea Flower Bruscheta

Marinated Roasted Vegetables, Sesame, Pine Nuts

11,95 €

Marinated Artichoke Salad And Spirulina Dressing

Pag Cottage Cheese, Artichokes, Endive, Pomegranate

12,61 €




Split Cannellos From Figs Filled With Almond Cream

Original Recipe, Komi Carob Liqueur, Prosecco, Almond Ice Cream, Brač Oranges


Curd and Fig Cream in Prossecco

 8,63 €

Chocolate Fusion

Dark And White Chocolate Cream, Carob, Berries

 7,96 €

Quince Cheese

Quince, Almonds, Lemon, Apple

7,30 €



Blitva In Dalmatian

 4,65 €

Rice on Butter

 3,98 €

Home Made Pasta

  3,98 €

French Fries

 3,32 €

Rustic Potato

  3,32 €

Grill Vegetables

 5,04 €


1,99 €


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07:00 – 22:30


Antuna Mihanovića 42F
HR-21000, Split


+385 99 44 899 10

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